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Welcome to the Diabolik Lovers collaborative translation project.

  • Editing is restricted to authorized users only, namely the translators, and granted only on request.
  • Feel free to join even if you don't plan on translating, though, as being a registered user means you can +watch pages for changes and stuff.
  • We highly encourage everyone to use our translations alongside an actual copy of the game. You won't find any download links or patches here—please do not use our translations for such things. We are not making a translation patch and would not like our translations used to make one, either.

We already had to lock down the wiki once before. If people try to steal our translations or go against our wishes again, it will probably be closed down for good.

For Translators/Editors

  • PLEASE READ: Current Events Discussion Page
  • Do note if the Discussion link on the top of a page is active (ie: not red). If you have issues with your scene (don't know what a particular kanji is, need help, have questions, etc) or someone else's (see a mistake, etc) just start up a discussion topic so everyone can discuss and contribute their opinion.
  • Article Formatting Guide
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